Feb 26, 2024


CareAcademy Launches Hospice Care Curriculum

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With a rich history of providing online training solutions trusted by over 2,300 home health care providers nationwide, CareAcademy proudly announces its latest milestone: the launch of its Hospice Care curriculum. At the heart of CareAcademy’s mission is the vision to equip all members of the care delivery team with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional care. Recognizing the commonalities in the needs of direct care workers across different care settings, the company is focused on expansion into the broader post-acute care landscape. The Hospice Care curriculum represents a significant leap forward in this endeavor.

Hospice training is critical in addressing the ongoing labor pressures in healthcare. By equipping providers with specialized hospice skills, CareAcademy’s new training helps meet the demand for qualified hospice care professionals and supports retention through enhanced skills and knowledge.

Applicable Audiences for Hospice Care
There are 6,114 Medicaid certified hospice companies in the United States, and CareAcademy’s Hospice Care Package aims to serve these communities: Home Health agencies, Hospice facilities and Palliative Care facilities with single or multiple locations.

Designed to offer foundational orientation training for hospice team members, including aides, nurses, volunteers, social workers, chaplains, spiritual care providers, and physicians, this specialized curriculum ensures that professionals are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills required for delivering compassionate and effective end-of-life care. Moreover, it facilitates compliance with regulatory standards such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoP) for Hospice care.

The CMS Conditions of Participation for Hospice
The Medicare and Medicaid Programs Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoPs) delineate the essential health and safety standards obligatory for all hospices to adhere to, serving as a versatile framework aimed at perpetually enhancing the quality of hospice care in line with contemporary standards of practice. Compliance with the CoPs is essential for hospices to maintain their eligibility for reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid, which are crucial sources of funding for many hospice organizations. Additionally, adherence to these standards helps safeguard the well-being and safety of hospice patients, promoting trust and confidence in the hospice care system. CareAcademy’s Hospice Training aligns with these standards, with courses focusing on quality care while promoting an understanding of hospice care regulations and compliance.

Contents of CareAcademy’s Hospice Care Package
CareAcademy’s Hospice Care package boasts 350+ online training resources for upfront and ongoing training for all of roles that make up an entire hospice care team. The concentration of the package content focuses on hospice onboarding curriculum that provides foundational orientation training, consisting of 14 hospice-specific classes. Additionally, the robust package includes specialty certifications and courses, Home Health Aide Certification, Teepa Snow Dementia Care Training, ANCC-Accredited Nursing CEU training, Nursing Clinical Skills, and advanced disease-specific certifications. These resources provide care professionals with the expertise and confidence needed to address the diverse needs of individuals across the healthcare continuum. The digital format of the classes and flexible schedules make this essential training available and convenient to those in the healthcare industry, regardless of their schedules.

Embrace the Benefits of Hospice Care Training
Supporting hospice care training ensures high-quality, compassionate end-of-life care for patients while also equipping care providers with essential skills to provide comfort and support to both patients and their families. Although providers may face burnout, training helps reduce this. It also ensures legal and ethical compliance, thus fostering ongoing professional development within the hospice care workforce to reinforce retention.

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