Oct 12, 2023


New Classes – Nursing Clinical Skills Training

New Class Content

CareAcademy is launching our Nursing Clinical Skills training library, a state-of-the-art, comprehensive video-based eLearning module tailored for every nursing role. The goal of this new innovation is to elevate the expertise of every nursing role on your team, whether they’re veterans or new recruits, empowering them to excel in their day-to-day delivery of care.

This unparalleled, comprehensive training is beneficial for nursing staff at all levels of experience.  The library is ideal for any organization with skilled nurses: assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, senior living facilities, home health agencies and home care agencies.

The benefits reach far beyond transforming nurses’ skills proficiency.  Organizations will be equipped to standardize competency validation with consistent, best-in-class learning that ensures positive patient outcomes. Administrators and executives will appreciate how the courses will help to improve staff retention rates by equipping nurses with the latest best practices and opportunities for skill development. They will also be able to build and refresh their team’s competencies with an extensive library of live-action videos, embedded assessments, and additional resources. Nurses will feel empowered, increasing their knowledge retention and in-depth understanding with tailored, methodical lessons featuring step-by-step guidance.

The robust Nursing Clinical Skills course library consists of:

  • 174 live-action videos and 19 hours of content across 33 tailored courses
  • Interactive eLearning, from quizzes to forward-seeking video capabilities
  • Content designed meticulously for every nursing role, from novices to experts
  • Features such as closed captions, video transcripts, and downloadable resources

Topics covered in the skilled nursing training include hand hygiene, intravenous therapy preparation, applying restraints, chest tube care, intravenous catheter insertion and removal, postoperative care, surgical staple removal and much more. View the full list of courses in the Nursing Clinical Skills training library, along with each course’s description, objective, length and course ID.

The Nursing Clinical Skills course library is available as an add on to any CareAcademy training package. Check out the full range of these packages on CareAcademy’s pricing page.

Partner with CareAcademy to raise the bar for your nursing staff and add the new Nursing Clinical Skills module.

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