Jun 4, 2024


Washington-Approved HCA Core Basic Training for Caregivers

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CareAcademy is launching its Washington-approved HCA Core Basic training for caregivers. The online training solution is now validated by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). This breakthrough offers a flexible, efficient path for long-term care workers (LTCWs) in Washington who are pursuing certification as Home Care Aides (HCAs) or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

Washington’s Training Requirements

In Washington State, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) requires long-term care workers (LTCWs) to be certified as either HCAs or CNAs. The HCA certification process requires LTCWs to complete an approved 75-hour training program through an approved training entity. Additionally, the care workers must also pass a state certification exam.

One critical component of the 75-hours of training is the 38-hour Core Basic Training, which is a knowledge-based portion of the curriculum. CareAcademy’s Core Basic consists of the Washington State-developed Fundamentals of Caregiving.

Streamlined Training Solutions

In partnership with Cornerstone Healthcare Training, CareAcademy now provides a state-approved, 38-hour online Core Basic Training program, listed as CARE0999WA Washington HCA Online Core Basic Training in CareAcademy’s full course list. The training program consists of a single class composed of 14 individual modules; each module consists of a workbook, e-learning module and a quiz. Learning is didactic, presenting the knowledge in a clear, effective format. Modules cover subject matter such as person-centered care, client rights, bloodborne diseases, medication and self-directed care, and self-care with grief and loss. The Core Basic program is a crucial portion of Washington’s 75-hour HCA Certification that must be completed to obtain certification. Utilizing CareAcademy’s online module allows LTCWs to complete their instructional training online at their convenience, while still meeting state timelines and employer deadlines.

Key Features of the Online Core Basic Training

CareAcademy is listed as a business offering DSHS Approved CE Curriculum on the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.  Within its state-tailored education, learners will experience content that’s equally convenient and educational. Key features of CareAcademy’s Core Basic training include:

  • Online Accessibility: Enables caregivers to complete the integral training module from any device at their own pace, which is undoubtedly a more user friendly experience
  • Comprehensive Modules: High-quality content that’s reinforced through an engaging learning experience
  • Automated Certification: Upon successful completion of the course in its entirety, learners automatically receive a certificate, which streamlines the process to move forward with the certification exams.

Introduction to the WA HCA Certification Process for Administrators

To further support training providers – home care agencies, assisted living facilities and home care agencies, CareAcademy has developed a class on how to successfully use CareAcademy’s online Core Basic Training, listed as ADMIN0100 Introduction to the WA HCA Certification Process. This course is designed for administrators in Washington state, guiding them through the usage of the online Core Basic Training as part of their training programs.
The class is intended to ensure that administrators understand their critical role and the steps necessary to comply with state requirements.

After completing this class, administrators will be able to:

  • Articulate the respective required training components and where that training is delivered
  • Define and explain their role and responsibilities in getting approval and certifying their caregivers using a blended hybrid training solution for the full 75 hours
  • Navigate the Home Care Aide certification process and have confidence in how to help caregivers achieve success in their learning journey.

It is important to note that facilities and instructors must be approved by the state to offer the full 75 hours of training before they can integrate CareAcademy’s online Core Basic Training. Our team strongly advises that anyone participating in the HCA Certification process complete this class prior to using CareAcademy’s WA HCA training program. 

Additional Training Requirements

While CareAcademy provides the online didactic training, it is important to remember:

  • 16 hours of hands-on skills training must be completed in-person, and
  • 16 hours of population-specific training must also be conducted in-person using state-provided materials.

How to Access HCA Core Basic Training

This 38-hour Core Basic training curriculum for the WA HCA Certification process can be used by approved training providers who are already providing Washington’s 75-hour training for their caregivers. It’s unquestionably an ideal complement to any of CareAcademy’s best-in-class training packages. For CareAcademy customers, adding on this new training asset to your program can be done by reaching out to [email protected]. Organizations not currently working with CareAcademy should contact [email protected] to first get started with a demo of the various package types available, then add on the HCA Core Basic Training.

Subsequently, this offering builds onto CareAcademy’s already-existing, approved 5-hour Orientation and Safety training crafted for Washington, as well as a library of classes for HCA/CNA CEs.

Unmatched Compliance and Quality

CareAcademy is there for its customers throughout their journey in the continuum of care. We strive to not only meet the educational standards set by each state with compliance diligence, but we also combine the unmatched level of ongoing customer support and resources. Altogether, these efforts result in successful outcomes and excellent levels of quality care and satisfaction.

For further information on Washington-specific training requirements, or any other state’s requirements, check out CareAcademy’s training page.

CareAcademy aims to be an integral part of the direct care workers’ learning and career path in healthcare, not only in Washington, but across the U.S. It’s mission-critical to us to ensure they are well-prepared to deliver compassionate, competent care to those they serve.

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