Apr 24, 2024


Elevating Dining Safety in Senior Living: Introducing New CareAcademy Classes

New Class Content

CareAcademy is excited to announce the launch of two new classes designed specifically for dining service staff in senior living and assisted living communities. These classes, part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the skills and safety of staff in various caregiving settings, are tailored to meet both regulatory standards and practical needs in the kitchen.

1. Safe Food Handling for Dining Service Staff (DINE0100)

This class addresses critical aspects of food safety, such as prevention of foodborne illnesses, proper food temperatures, and effective strategies against cross-contamination. Developed in response to a noticeable gap in training offerings, this class empowers front-line staff with the knowledge to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety in food preparation and handling.

2. Overview of Food Allergens for Dining Service Staff (DINE0101)

Understanding and managing food allergens in the kitchen is crucial for the safety of residents with dietary restrictions. This class educates staff on recognizing common allergens, symptoms of allergic reactions, and methods to prevent cross-contact, ensuring a safer dining environment for all residents.

Both classes are designed with interactive lessons featuring animated videos and live-action visuals, making the learning experience both engaging and informative.

How These Classes Help

These classes are vital for staff in states including IA, CA, NE, IL, KS, CO, MO, and TX, fulfilling specific state requirements for safe food handling and allergen awareness training. They are part of CareAcademy’s larger initiative to provide targeted, effective training for facility-based care settings, ensuring that all staff are equipped to provide exceptional care and service.

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You can also preview lesson 1 from DINE0101 below:

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