Feb 7, 2024


Enhanced Admin Interface and Streamlined Payments

New Product Features and Improvements

An enhanced admin interface and streamlined payments are the latest in CareAcademy’s commitment to ongoing improvements in its platform to better serve customer needs. Our organization is excited to announce significant updates to the admin interface and payment options, designed to provide a cleaner, more intuitive user experience and streamlined workflow.

Improved Admin Experience
Leveraging valuable customer feedback, CareAcademy has made significant enhancements to its administrator interface. One of the most noticeable changes is the redesigned user interface, featuring a collapsible side navigation. This update of moving menu items from the top of the page to the left side, declutters the site and maximizes screen real estate so admins have more space to view what matters. The revised look and feel also makes site navigation more intuitive. Users can now hover over icons to display tooltips, quickly identifying each icon’s function. And, with the collapsible navigation now being “sticky,” users have easy access to the different navigation options at all times.

The enhanced admin experience also includes the addition of a breadcrumb trail for orientation, helping users view their journey within the site and easily reference their current location. Additionally, agency and account information is now consolidated into a single dropdown menu, creating a one-stop-shop for admins. In the use case of managing multiple locations, this improved dropdown feature significantly improves performance and speed. Building on the benefit of speed, CareAcademy has also updated its platform so that the agency menu is noticeably faster to search and navigate. Admins can type in the search bar and receive faster results than before.

Furthermore, the “View Class List” link has been renamed more appropriately to “Catalog” in the side navigation bar for clarity and consistency.

Convenient Payment Options
In addition to enhancing the admin experience, CareAcademy enabled a seamless payment process. Clients can now manage and update their payment methods independently within the platform, selecting between ACH and credit card payments. These options streamline transactions and ensure seamless payment processes.

Applicability and Cost
These enhanced admin interface and streamlined payments updates apply to all of CareAcademy’s training packages and agency dashboards. The best part? They are included with the plan subscriptions at no additional cost. As the leading provider of online training, CareAcademy’s goal is to provide the senior care industry with the tools and features needed to succeed, without any hidden fees or surprises.

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