Aug 16, 2023


Introducing the CareAcademy Spanish Learning Experience

New Product Features and Improvements

CareAcademy has launched a fully-translated Spanish learning experience for caregivers. Our latest release is designed to be inclusive of the current caregiver population and to encourage more Spanish-speaking individuals to enter the caregiver profession.

Engage and empower your care team to navigate their training journey in their preferred language, from the dashboard, to the class content and all related communications and reminders. Both administrators and caregivers can now select Spanish as the caregiver’s preferred language, ensuring that caregivers receive communications, reminders, and training materials in Spanish. This language setting is also reflected in their profile and in reporting. 

Key highlights of the Spanish learning experience:

  • Fully-Translated Caregiver Dashboard: On the mobile-friendly dashboard, caregivers can see their assigned classes in prioritized order, see due dates at a glance, and easily determine what class to take next, all in Spanish.
  • Automated Messages in Spanish: Caregivers who choose Spanish as their preferred language will receive all communications, including welcome emails, password reset messages, and training reminders, in Spanish. This personalized approach ensures that caregivers remain engaged and informed throughout their training journey.
  • Spanish-Language Course Enrollment: Caregivers who opt for Spanish language support will automatically be enrolled in Spanish versions of courses whenever available. With nearly 120 fully-translated CareAcademy classes, including videos and quizzes, caregivers can access a comprehensive learning experience in their preferred language.

Accessing the Spanish version of CareAcademy’s platform:

To take full advantage of this new Spanish caregiver dashboard development, agencies and their caregivers should be using the new version of our caregiver dashboard, which is available to everyone regardless of their CareAcademy training subscription. 

Accessing the Spanish version of our platform is simple. For CareAcademy clients that are on our Basic, Essentials, Dementia Care, Home Health, Complete or Enterprise packages, simply add seats for those who would benefit from this translated version of our platform. Clients who are on CareAcademy’s legacy package will need to upgrade to one of the current packages, which will also add the benefits of expanded content and valuable features beyond the legacy plan. Help articles have been created in both Spanish and English versions to address commonly-asked questions and also ensure a positive user experience: 

To see examples of class content and view the complete Spanish class list, click here.

This initiative fills a critical void in the caregiving industry, providing much-needed support to agencies with monolingual Spanish-speaking caregivers. CareAcademy is dedicated to empowering Spanish-speaking caregivers with the highest quality education and resources. The release of this end-to-end fully translated user journey demonstrates CareAcademy’s continued commitment to accelerate the world’s transition to a caregiver-centric healthcare system by elevating caregivers and enabling excellent health outcomes. 

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