Jul 7, 2023


New Class – New York Sexual Harassment Prevention

Compliance Updates, New Class Content

Non-care staff in New York State and New York City now have a training alternative to meet the requirements for sexual harassment prevention training – CareAcademy’s Sexual Harassment Prevention: New York State Supplement for Non-Care Staff, CARE106NYNCS.

Life just got a little easier for you! This state-specific educational material provides a compliant sexual harassment prevention training solution for team members working in roles such as supervisors and office staff.

Our new offering gives customers the option to assign CARE0106NYNCS as an alternative to assigning CARE0106 + CARE0106NY, since the latter is geared toward caregiver roles.  Gain peace of mind knowing non-care staff will still be in full compliance with New York State and New York City through our carefully-curated combination of CARE0106 + CARE0106NY, along with the following additions:

  • Link to NY State role-agnostic training video that fulfills state requirements
  • Final test that fulfills state interactivity requirements
  • Attestation

The document links to the NY State-created, full-length training video and covers the reporting process, legal remedies, and how to contact the New York Commission and Division of Human Rights. To ensure full compliance, you’ll need to cover your agency’s company-specific reporting process with your employees who take this training.

We’ve ensured that this supplemental resource is accessible in all CareAcademy training packages so that you can equip your team with this essential, state-specific content.

Compliant courses at your caregivers’ fingertips is one less worry we can help with, freeing up valuable time you need to manage your agency.

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