Jul 7, 2023


New Class – New York State Law on HIV Testing and Confidentiality

Compliance Updates, New Class Content

We’re excited to announce the launch of a helpful training resource designed to empower your non-medical direct care workforce – CARE0513NY: New York State Law on HIV Testing and Confidentiality: Supplement. Our new educational material provides high-quality coverage of Article 27-F, New York’s law on HIV testing and confidentiality, and fulfills the state’s compliance requirements for training.

This new, state-specific learning module is a supplement to CARE0513: Overview of HIV/AIDS that can put you in good graces with your compliance auditors! It fully aligns with the most current training regulations and requirements set forth by New York State and New York City. The resource focuses on Article 27-F, as well as essential information on who is protected under the law, individual rights, requirements of individuals and facilities, as well as exceptions.

It’s important to keep specific agency processes when utilizing any training material. As your non-medical home health care staff use this resource, be sure to cover your company’s specific reporting processes and ensure these are followed. Our customer support team is another resource to help customers throughout their learning journey.

Compliance is a pillar in CareAcademy’s foundation of educational development and in the commitment to our customers. To demonstrate this level of dedication, we’ve included access to CARE0513NY in all CareAcademy training packages.

Avoid HR headaches and build a mindful workforce! Agencies can equip their teams with the tools needed to maintain professionalism in any situation using CareAcademy’s state-specific, compliant training solutions.

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