Jun 22, 2023


Streamline Your Home Care Operations: Introducing the Smartcare and CareAcademy Integration

New Product Features and Improvements

We are thrilled to announce the integration between Smartcare, a leading home care agency management software, and CareAcademy, our comprehensive caregiver training platform. This integration brings together two powerful tools, revolutionizing the way home care administrators manage their training and caregiver management processes.

What is the Smartcare and CareAcademy Integration?

The integration between Smartcare and CareAcademy offers a range of valuable features that empower home care agencies to streamline their operations and enhance caregiver training. 

Let’s explore the key benefits of this integration:

1. Activate and Manage Caregivers Effortlessly

With the integration in place, administrators can conveniently activate caregivers in CareAcademy directly from their Smartcare account, either individually or in bulk. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures a smooth onboarding experience.

2. Real-Time Visibility into Caregiver Status

Home care administrators can easily monitor the status of caregivers in CareAcademy directly from their Smartcare account. You can quickly determine whether a caregiver is active or deactivated, allowing for efficient management and staffing decisions.

3. Seamless Profile Updates

Updating caregiver profile information is now a breeze. Administrators can make changes to caregiver details such as name, email, phone number, and hire date in Smartcare, and these updates will automatically sync with CareAcademy. Say goodbye to duplicate data entry and ensure accuracy across both platforms.

4. Single Sign-On Convenience

Administrators and caregivers can enjoy the convenience of single sign-on, logging in to CareAcademy directly via their Smartcare account. This eliminates the hassle of managing multiple login credentials and provides a seamless user experience.

5. Easy Compliance Reporting

Stay on top of caregiver training compliance effortlessly. Smartcare administrators can access a compliance report in their dashboard, updated daily, which displays CareAcademy classes completed by caregivers. This feature ensures you have real-time visibility into caregiver training progress and helps you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

How do I get the CareAcademy and Smartcare integration?

To take advantage of the Smartcare and CareAcademy integration, you will need an active Smartcare subscription and either a CareAcademy subscription or free trial. The setup process typically takes just one business day upon receiving your integration request. In some cases, our team may contact you for additional information to ensure a seamless integration experience.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to enhancing the integration between Smartcare and CareAcademy continuously. Our development team is working diligently to introduce new features that further optimize your caregiver training and management processes. Stay tuned to New in CareAcademy for exciting updates as we expand the capabilities of this integration.

The Smartcare and CareAcademy integration offers home care administrators a powerful solution to streamline caregiver training and management. By combining these two industry-leading platforms, you can activate and manage caregivers effortlessly, track compliance, and update caregiver profiles seamlessly. Unlock the full potential of your home care operations with this integration and experience enhanced efficiency and improved caregiver outcomes.

If you are a current Smartcare customer, learn how to start a CareAcademy trial from within your Smartcare account. Empower your home care agency with the Smartcare and CareAcademy integration today!

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