Apr 19, 2023


Cybersecurity Basics for Agency Owners & Staff

New Class Content

We’re thrilled to announce our latest class: CARE0212 – Cybersecurity Basics, designed to help agency owners and staff understand the importance of cybersecurity and how to protect their devices and information.

Developed by our Subject Matter Experts, this 60-minute interactive class is tailored to the unique needs of care agencies, and is now available to customers with the Complete, Dementia Care, and Home Health packages.

CARE0212 offers engaging Rise lessons and explainer videos, covering essential topics like:

  • Identifying and preventing phishing and malware attacks
  • Keeping devices and information secure
  • Best practices for internet safety

Our Cybersecurity Basics class is ideal for agency owners and office staff who want to ensure they’re taking the right steps to keep their agency’s data and devices secure. Stay ahead of potential threats and safeguard your agency’s reputation by enrolling in this essential course today!

As always, our goal at CareAcademy is to provide you with the best training resources to help your agency thrive.

Ready to get started? Access the CARE0212 – Cybersecurity Basics class today and empower your team to navigate the digital world safely and confidently.

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