Feb 8, 2023


Product Updates Feb 2023

New Product Features and Improvements

February has been an exciting month for us so far, we have three new updates that we think will make a big difference for our customers

1. Franchisor Dashboard UI Updates: We’re excited to announce that we’ve made an important update to our Franchisor dashboard! Previously, we listed the sum of caregivers who were overdue for Initial and Annual training, but now we display the percentage of caregivers with overdue training in those categories.

This change is a direct result of feedback we’ve received from our customers, and we believe it will provide even more valuable insights to franchisors.

Paginated Admin Dashboard

By displaying the percentage of caregivers with Initial Overdue and Annual Overdue training, we’re providing a clearer picture of the training status of the caregivers in the system. This information can help franchisors identify areas that need improvement and take action to ensure that all caregivers are up-to-date with their training.

2. Redesigned user interface (UI): We’ve released a major update to the CareAcademy app, which includes a redesigned user interface (UI). This change has been made to improve the overall accessibility and user experience for our admins and caregivers.

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our app is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which sets standards for digital accessibility. With the updated UI, we’ve improved the app’s visual clarity, organization, and navigability, making it easier for users with disabilities to access and use our product.

Annual Training Schedule

3. Edit a Caregiver’s Language: We’ve made a new update to the CareAcademy app that allows admins to edit a caregiver’s preferred language! With this new feature, admins can now easily change the language settings for existing caregivers in just a few clicks.

This update is a significant step towards opening up our caregiver experience to a broader pool of caregivers. By allowing admins to edit a caregiver’s preferred language, we’re making it easier for caregivers who speak Spanish to access and benefit from our training courses.

It’s important to note that when a caregiver’s language is changed, their existing enrollments will not be affected. However, any future enrollments will be in the caregiver’s current preferred language if a translated version of the course is available.

We believe that this new update will be a game-changer for our Spanish-speaking caregivers, as well as for agencies who are looking to localize their staff’s training experience. We’re committed to continuously improving our app and creating the best possible experience for our users.

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