Feb 15, 2023


Caregiver Burnout Prevention Certification

New Class Content

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest certification – the Caregiver Burnout Prevention Certification! This certification is aimed at providing caregivers with strategies and resources to help them identify and cope with burnout. Unlike other CareAcademy classes, the focus is on helping the caregiver help themselves, not on the client.

The certification consists of four 1-hour classes, including “Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout,” “Coping Skills for Caregivers,” “Managing Job-Related Stress,” and “Time Management & Organizational Skills.” By completing these classes, caregivers will learn how to recognize signs of burnout, develop coping skills to prevent burnout, and have access to resources for support if they are concerned about burnout.

This certification is designed for non-medical direct care workers, and is appropriate for in-home care settings as well as facility-based care settings such as Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Family Homes.



We believe that this certification is an important step in helping caregivers take care of their own health first, so that they can provide exceptional care for their clients. With the increasing challenges of workplace stress and burnout in the healthcare industry, we’re committed to providing caregivers with the tools they need to prevent burnout and manage their own health.

This certification is available to Complete and Home Health package customers, and Essentials and Dementia Care package customers have access to 2 of the individual classes included in the certification: Coping Skills and Managing Job-Related Stress

We’re thrilled to offer this new certification to our customers, and we hope that it will make a positive impact on the well-being of caregivers and their clients.

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