Jan 24, 2023


Product Updates Jan 2023

New Product Features and Improvements

January was an exciting month for us, as we released two new features that we think will make a big difference for our customers

1. Improved Admin Dashboard for Larger Customers: We understand that our customers come in all shapes and sizes, and that the needs of a small business are different from those of a large organization with hundreds or thousands of caregivers. To better support our larger customers, we’ve made improvements to the admin dashboard. Specifically, we’ve paginated the dashboard, so that it’s easier to navigate and manage large numbers of caregivers.

Paginated Admin Dashboard

This means that you’ll be able to view and manage your caregivers in smaller chunks, which should make the experience of using the dashboard much more manageable.


2. Annual Enrollment Schedule: Another great new feature is the ability for customers to schedule classes every six months.

Annual Training Schedule

By breaking the annual training into semi-annual units, customers will be able to better manage their schedules and ensure that their caregivers are always up-to-date with the latest training. This feature is available by selecting the 6 value from the drop-down menu.

We are always working to improve our platform and make it even more user-friendly, and we’re confident that these new features will make a big difference for our customers. Thanks for choosing CareAcademy, and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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