Dec 31, 2022


Product Updates Dec 2022

New Product Features and Improvements

We are excited to share with you the latest features that have been released in December to enhance your experience with our platform!


  1. Caregiver Spanish Experience: We have made a significant step forward in providing a caregiver experience in Spanish. Our platform now includes a Preferred Language field when adding a new caregiver. This field is disabled for caregivers that already exist. When a caregiver’s preferred language is set to Spanish, they will receive a CareAcademy welcome email and password reset message in Spanish. This is a crucial step in addressing the needs of Spanish-speaking caregivers and providing an end-to-end experience in Spanish. 

2. New Role Dropdown, Personal Care Aide: The Personal Care Aide job role is now available as an option in the caregiver profile. This new option is commonly used for non-medical caregivers and will help reduce errors and human effort during bulk uploads. Additionally, it will improve the accuracy of training logs and compliance records.

3. Searching for Courses is Now Easier: Admins can now search for courses by SKU when building curricula. This feature allows for more efficient and accurate searching when creating or modifying a curriculum, specialized certification, or pre-saved bundle. This feature was added to assist our compliance, content, and onboarding teams in finding the classes they need and it will also benefit our customers when customizing their compliance curricula.


We hope these new features will improve your experience with CareAcademy and make it even more convenient for you to manage your caregiving needs.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our customer success team.

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